University of Parma (Coordinator of the project)

The University of Parma is one of the most ancient and quoted medium-large universities in Italy. The department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability is located in the University of Parma’s campus. The campus is the home of all scientific Departments of Parma University e.g. biology, chemistry, engineering, earth science, mathematics and physics, and it has modern facilities. A Technology Park is present inside the campus for hosting spin-offs and high-tech start-ups.

Enrico Dalcanale

Full Professor

Roberta Pinalli

Assistant Professor


SABIC is one of the world largest petrochemical companies producing chamicals, polymers, engineering thermoplastics, metals and fertilizers. The Technology and Innovation Department is a global department of SABIC. One of the locations is the SABIC technology Center in Geleen (NL) where the expertise around polyolefin material development is located.

Dr. Maria Soliman

Eng Estelle Poulet

Dr Jérôme Vachon


Arkadiusz Zych

Arkadiusz Zych graduated from the Gdańsk University of Technology with the Chemistry Engineering degree in 2012. He was working under the supervision of Dr. Eng. Anna Mietlarek-Kropidłowska on the Synthesis of molecules with Si-S and Si-Se bands using elemental sulfur and selenium. He continued his study at the same university in Chemical Technology and did his master project, funded by Foundation for Polish Science (Homing Plus Program), on renewable polyamides under Dr. Eng. Lidia Jasińsk-Walc supervision. During his final year of the master studies he performed an internship at the Technology and Innovation Center (T&I) of SABIC-Europe in Geleen. The research project was directed to the synthesis and characterization of novel polyolefins with special properties under the supervision of Dr. Eng. Lidia Jasińska-Walc and Dr. Rob Duchateau.

Jonathan Tellers

Jonathan Tellers received his bachelor of Science in chemistry from the RWTH Aachen University in 2013, under supervision of Andrij Pich, working on the Synthesis of degradable polyphosphazene polymer colloids. He then moved on to pursue his master studies, also at the RWTH Aachen, during which he spent 3 months at the Pennsylvania State University, working, under supervision of Dr. Harry R. Allcock, on polyphosphazene polymers with acidic side groups for applications as proton conduction fuel cell membranes. He received his Master of Science in Chemistry in 2015, for his thesis conducted during a 7 months Research stay at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenborg, under co-supervision of Christian Müller and Andrij Pich, working on the Interplay of Graphene Nanoplatelets with semiconducting polymer P3HT and different insulating polymer matrices. For this Research stay he was awarded the IDEA League Research Grant.


The SUPRABARRIER dissemination activities are aimed at:
- promoting the project results
- ensuring that the achievements are made known to the community
Dr Jérôme Vachon, together with the two phD students participated to K-Fair 2016 in Dusseldorf (October 2016) “The World’s No. I Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber”


The SUPRABARRIER WorkShop will be held at the Campus of the Parma University the 29th-30th of November!

The workshop will host rapresentative of packaging and plastic industries. For more info, please contact us!

The first Mid-Term Review of SUPRABARRIER was successfully concluded the 7th February 2017

The SUPRABARRIER Summer School was held the 28-29th of September at the Parma University Campus.
Invited Speakers:
Dr Maria Soliman (SABIC)
Prof Enrico Dalcanale (University of Parma)
Eng Estelle Poulet (SABIC)
Prof. Andrea Pucci (University of Pisa)
Prof. Fabrizio Mancin (University of Padova)
Prof. Leonard Prins (University of Padova)
Prof. Davide Bonifazi (University of Cardiff)
PhD students and Post-doc of University of Parma, Pisa, Padova and Cardiff.